It’s Official!

Today, I received an e-mail. I was in the lunchroom in the middle of a big story with some colleagues. My heart starts beating *thump* *thump* *thump* I completely block out the conversation and stare at the name on the e-mail. I know what this is. This is either the “you’re in!” or the unfortunate “we regret to inform you…” e-mail. I have missed so much of the conversation there’s no getting back in…all I see is that name…the e-mail subject “CCNM Interview”. I open it and can hardly breathe.

My mind was full of racing thoughts and my vision was blurry. “It was a pleasure to meet you…” my mind is racing, what’s next? I can hardly read…

“…I’m even more pleased to inform you that you have been accepted…”

WHAT!?!?! NO…This is me dreaming…after all, I had just recently had this dream on Tuesday night and Wednesday night…oh did I not mention? Two days after my interview, I’m accepted.

Squeely voice and all: “Guys…I’m so sorry to interrupt *throws arms in the air* I GOT ACCEPTED!!! I DID IT! I GOT ACCEPTED INTO NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE!!!!!!!” the tears already started.

It was an unbelievable feeling – I can’t even BEGIN to explain it. This is the feeling I have been waiting for. This is where I belong. I was so excited I could hardly get back to work. My team members (my darling team) are such sweethearts; they snuck out of the office and picked me up a beautiful bouquet of flowers – SO grateful for their support through this period. I am just crying writing this right now – I couldn’t be in a better place.

I am so proud of myself. I have worked so hard and I whole-heartedly believe I deserve this.

So here’s my first post – it happened. I was accepted! This is going to be a wonderful four-year journey (that starts in September)!


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