On the train

So my day started out early, as usual, because I had to head in to work. I woke up feeling like I had just conquered Goliath! I step outside….it’s pouring. So I put my hood up, nothing could ruin today! As I’m walking in the rain, cars and busses are driving so fast I’m walking through a constant mist! Very unpleasant. Naturally, I smiled and though “doesn’t matter, today is going to be fantastic!!”. Well, it was if you consider that a bus went through a huge puddle and I was merely a foot away from being covered in water!

Anyhow, I got to work and there was a lot of problems that I can’t really get into now. Regardless, I was still having a great day. And no, it didn’t matter that all I had was Mary’s Gluten-free Crackers, a tiny bit of cream cheese, and a bit of vanilla yogurt to eat all day. LOL. I’m on the train right now with a grumbling stomach, but I’m on my way up to the farm to see my family. My niece, maya, is having her birthday party (she’s 2) this weekend and I can’t wait to see the little munchkin and her brother, Lucas. My friend is with me on the train up, which is good because it’s a boring ride to do alone I’d assume!! :). I can’t wait to spend the weekend at home and keep the celebrations going. But back to work!!!

It was Then, when I thought I honestly couldn’t feel better about getting in, I get ANOTHER email from CCNM.

oh crap. did they make a mistake?

“just breathe Jess….” and I open it. Oh holy geez, it’s just the official letter! Wait. The official letter?!?!?! OMG!!!!!! So here we are. Excited just the same as yesterday. I wonder how excited I will be when I’m in class? How will it feel to be learning all the things (and more) that I read on a daily basis. How much will feel like “work” and “school”. How much will feel like a treat? Like I’m a part of something that so few people are a part of.

It hit me. I’m going to be changing lives. I’m going to be changing healthcare. I can’t WAIT to be a naturopath!!!!!


7 thoughts on “On the train

  1. It’s such a great feeling isn’t it! Looking forward to reading your blog and comparing notes! I forgot to ask if you’re taking any prerequisite courses at CCNM?

  2. I am! I am taking org. chem and bio chem! I think org chem starts in april? I’m actually taking physiology online through athabasca right now but I work like 50 hours a week so it’s exhausted even taking one course. I hope i can slow it down to part-time in April!

  3. Awesome looks like we’ll have both of those together! And I believe organic chem starts April 2nd. That does sound pretty brutal working 50 hours and doing a course online. Hopefully going down to part-time in April works out for you, I’ll send some positive energy to the cause lol. How are you finding physiology aside from exhausting because of work? I’m taking it in July/August at CCNM.

    • Oh gosh, I’ll take all the positive energy I can get!!!! 🙂 it’s not bad, I wish I took it at CCNM instead so it was in class! It’s a bit difficult with no guidance. I’m still doing well though! I can thank my stars for that 🙂 it is intense though. Lots to get into. Probably a tease of whats to come in this program. A lot to remember in a little bit of time lol

      • Yea it sounds like the program is super intense because of the sheer volume of information to know. The exam weeks they have sound scary :S 7 exams in 5 days yikes! We’re going to have to learn some serious studying strategies. How come you decided to do physiology online but not organic chem and biochem? I debated doing them online but I’m bad at setting time aside to do it if I don’t have a class to be in. Plus I don’t have a science background so I was worried I would have a hard time without an instructor.

  4. I signed up for physiology in September, I think I jumped the gun and just wanted to be in school again ( i graduated in april 2011 and really missed taking classes go figure!). So i signed up and it came in the mail – that’s the only reason really, is just excitement to get going. I would much rather have taken it at CCNM i think it will be a lot easier to learn…challenging but easier :P. Organic chem online wasn’t feasible; the labs are only available at certain times and places and i dont have a car so i wanted to take something i could get to using a subway/bus! and then at that point I decided biochem should jsut be taken at CCNM as well – get it over and done with in a short period of time instead of dragging it on for months!

    as for the studying strategies – i’m sure we’ll all have some good ideas. it sounds like people get so close knit that they pretty much just ENJOY studying in the caf on break and use the groups to help test one another. I’m thinking we’ll be able to figure something out once we get to know each other!

  5. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I finished school in december 2011 and am so bored not taking any classes I can’t wait to start general chemistry at CCNM next week. Plus it makes it seem more real.

    It does sound like a very close knit culture at CCNM, I’m looking forward to being apart of it! It will be great to have people to study with and enjoy the time spent at school.

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