Can’t wait for the weekend!

So it’s Thursday, at 6:41pm and I’m still waiting for Matt to get home from school.  Thursday is teaching clinic evenings so he’s at school practicing massage therapy until late :(.  But, on the plus side – I do get some “me” time which is definitely beneficial!  I was so happy when I left work and realized it was THURSDAY and not Wednesday as I previously thought it was! (Odd because yesterday I felt like it was Thursday but KNEW it was Wednesday).  I woke up a bit tired today so getting to work was a bit of a hassle – but then the day flew by and now we only have one more 8.5 hour work day to get through until I can head up to the farm for the weekend!

Ahhhhhh, the farm.  I love going up to my mom’s farm.  I didn’t live there all too long ago so it feels weird to call it “mom’s” and not “home”.  But it always will be home in a sense.  Anyhow, mom won’t be there this weekend – she’s in Florida.  Instead, I’m heading up to visit my sister and her family.  On Saturday, DS invited me along to do “Hot Flow”: Hot yoga for beginner yogis.  hehehe.  I’m very eager to find out how this whole class will go.  I have to say though, I am more excited to be doing something so active with my sister.  I don’t think we’ve ever done something like this together, and with the large age gap (can I say that? I’m not saying how big!) we never played on any sports teams together.  I love this!  Hot yoga with my sister on a Saturday.  OH OH OH!!!

Then, after that class, I have an appointment with a financial adviser from CIBC in Bradford to go over the application process for this colossal student line of credit.  I’ve never applied for something like this before: A credit card, si, an enormous LOC, non.  From what I hear, it’s painless – so I’m going in calm!  This is going to be such a huge step and i’m eager to make it.  It just makes everything so much more realistic.  I am going to be a naturopathic doctor.  I’m getting a medical student LOC to pay for med school.  I am psyched!

Can the weekend get better? Oh yeah.  It can!  DS and I are also going to be making some homemade scrubs (thank you Erica Robinson, Future Dr. R!) with sea salts/brown sugar/shea butter/olive oil/coconut oil/lemongrass etc etc etc!!!  This is going to be amazing and fun!  I don’t have any great scrubs and I find even “natural” scrubs still contain the things I try to avoid so making my own just seems so fitting.

I know I know, you’re thinking “there’s nothing more you could do in a weekend”…EXCEPT BUY A VITAMIX AND PLAY!!!!! lol  DS is going to buy a Vitamix on Sunday and I CAN’T WAIT to make meals in minutes with it!  Throwing in ALL of the pepper and the whole carrot and onion and garlic with peel etc and making a piping hot soup in minutes?  Is this really possible?!?  Well I will certainly keep you posted on how it turns out.  I think it’s a great way to fit all your vegetable servings in a day.  Oh – it also makes sorbet that you can put vegetables into and you can’t even taste them.  I mean zucchini, leafy greens – it’s crazy!  What an amazing blender – I am thrilled to be able to try it on Sunday.  I’ll probably post a recipe or two as well!

Don’t forget!  As this blog get’s longer you’ll be happy for that recipe link up on the top.  Even though right now it seems silly to have a post with Dahl in it and have a separate page for recipes when it’s almost visible right away.  Every post that has a recipe in it, the recipe will be posted on the other page.  At the end of the day if you don’t feel like filtering through all my posts to find a recipe – it will be on that page! 🙂

Okay, I’m getting a bit hungry – I’m going to head off to the kitchen!


One thought on “Can’t wait for the weekend!

  1. Loved the vitamix veggie-berry sorbet… that’s ice cream I don’t mind giving the kids… and they loved it even with the dismal amount of honey we used LOL

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