No ‘Poo!

No, this is not going to be a post about toilet talk. First and formost I want to apologize for it being so long since my last post!!!  I lost track of time trying to get all my ducks in a row for school, looking for another job while finishing up at my last job (contract work), and managing life.  Anyhow, before I get too off topic about the busy-ness that is my life , this post is actually going to be about stepping away from the conventional way of cleaning your hair: shampoo and conditioner.

I’m not talking about using organic/natural shampoos or conditioners…for me, that wasn’t an option as I am counting every penny…There’s a few ways to go “no ‘poo”.  Some people don’t use shampoo but continue to use conditioner only and water rinses in between conditions.  You can also use baking soda (BS) and water as shampoo and then apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water as conditioner.  You can use a water-only method or the most extreme, no water method.

I decided that I am comfortable doing the water-only method.  I only ever shampooed my hair maybe once a week anyhow so I figure my adjustment period won’t be too bad.  My last conventional shampoo was on Thursday February 23rd.  I have done one water-only rinse and guess what…i did it wrong! LOL yes…wrong.   How?  Well, I didn’t know you should do HOT water rinses and finish with a cold water rinse…i figured you could just, wash as normal.  My next water-only rinse will be tomorrow.  I want to let my hair have a lot of time to readjust itself between rinsing so that it heals itself faster.  I want to avoid an extended greasy period because…well let’s be honest – who likes greasy hair?

As I go through this i’ll keep posting pictures so that if anyone wants to try it they can see what it’s like.

Why am I doing this?  It’s more along the lines of how I want to approach life.  I want my body to be natural and I want to treat every part of myself with respect.  I eat organic (for the most part), I use natural honey soaps with no additives, just bee pollen honey and essential oils, sometimes i use goat’s milk soaps, I take care of my mind with breaks and meditation during the day (i don’t meditate as often as I’d like though but I can change that).  I want to try and keep the chemicals I expose myself down to a minimal number.  Aside from that, it really supports sustainability and it’s eco-friendly!  I shower less, and I’m not promoting big factories to produce chemical ridden shampoos that strip hair of their natural oils to put synthetic ones back in…not to mention the plastic that the shampoo is kept in!  I am just trying to do my part.  If that means I get to have strong, silky hair that’s low maintenance – oh heavens – i’ll do it!  I look forward to my hair’s pH balancing out and having the oil become totally absorbed into the hair follicle and not overproduce it anymore!!!

If anyone is wondering about how to help spread the oil from root to tip – my suggestion from what I’ve gathered online….BOAR BRUSH!!!  The hog hair helps to redistribute the oils from root to tip.  I love the feeling of it on my scalp too 🙂 very nice!  I don’t have one with synthetic fibers in it (they sometimes mix it with nylon fibers).  I chose to keep my brush natural too LOL.   Well to be honest, it felt so rough with the nylon in it!!  I didn’t want to brush my hair with that.

Well, if you’ve gotten this far in the post, you deserve to see my greasy hair on day 7 😛

I’ll be back with more posts about my new challenge I’m doing for 2 weeks.  I’m only three days in.  My next post will divulge all the dirty details!! 😀



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