No Poo Update!

Okay Okay, I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry for the lack of photo updates on the no poo test…

Well, it’s going i’ll tell you…but it’s a struggle.  It was amazing just a week ago when i water-only washed and then blow dried and straightened it butttt now it’s like it’s reverting back to it’s old ways.  I might have myself to blame – i’m not brushing alllll too often with the boar hair brush i’m kind of just letting it go until the day i wash with water (twice a week right now because i had Matt’s family visiting in town).  I havent had anyone notice that it’s greasy but – i shouldn’t even say that – it’s more waxy?  It’s heavy…but it’s also just gaining back it’s strength and starting to learn how to balance out so i’m not too worried.  I’ll say this – it sure looks healthy!!! and i don’t lose so much hair when i brush – in fact, i hardly lose ANY!!!! It’s getting much thicker…i haven’t had hair like this in so long.  I am beyond exciting to pass through this “transition time” and get into loving my non-waxy/greasy/heavy hair lol.

Here are some pics with their respective dates:

Day 8 – right after waking up

Day 10 – I’m a bit under the weather!

Day 12 – up in a pony tail and then brushed down

Day 13 – Blow dried it straight…really puffy lol

Day 15 – Straightened with a flat iron – right before i started my shift!

Day 19 – love the straight!  Also – I got new glasses 🙂

TODAY!  Day 20 🙂 I love my hair – it’s a bit heavy and waxy but i’ll get over this phase!

So there you have it, i got new glasses, i’m not sick anymore and i have hair that hasn’t been shampooed in 20 days LOL.  I hope there are a few people following this blog that will enjoy this post to see the transformations :).

More posts to come! but I am exhausted!!!!! long long day


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