I woke up this morning, wished my fiance the best of luck on his exam (knowing he will totally rock it), and told myself it was about time I took time to come back to my blog.

I have neglected you, I have pushed you into a dark corner, I ignored your cries for updates…I basically did what I said I wouldn’t do once school started – i promised the updates, to help anyone else going through the same thing…you know what’s crazy?? this is just the prerequisite part of school!!!  It didn’t help though, that I was waking up at 5:30am every day for work, working double shifts, then going to class…this is probably where the blog neglect comes from…hmph.

Here it is: I’m Sorry!!!!! 

Instead of ranting about how terrible that job was, I’ll save you the details and just let you know I quit.  I got a new job working outside for Red Cross temporarily – just until the end of July.  Perfect for me!!!  I move into residence September 1st – a biggggg decision darling fiance and I had to make.  He will be going back to Ottawa to set up his practice (RMT) and I’ll be hanging out in residence, studying.  Those are just a couple life changes…but the heavy stuff?  School.

Organic chemistry went well.  I felt so relieved to know I did well on the final!  The course was broken up so the midterm was worth 40%, labs were worth 15%, and the final was 45% (do i have the midterm and final mixed up??).  Either way, the exams were the brunt of your work.  the labs are so fun. if anyone is considering doing the prerequisite courses – do not go anywhere else.   Seriously.  These courses are geared around the program – I’ve never had so much fun while being so challenged…Maybe that’s just it though – find your passion and suddenly the challenges are not as daunting.  It’s tough, we had someone leave the course before the midterm – so it’s no cake-walk…but if you stick through and find people in your class you enjoy studying with – you’ll survive!  I always go early and find a couple people on the tables in the caf studying.  YES.  This was the best review time ever!!

Biochemistry’s midterm was on Thursday…there were some questions I thought I got right, only to come home and see I got them wrong (by checking my notes).  BUT there were some questions I thought I got wrong, but I realized I was right…hopefully that evens out.  Sometimes you have the worst “brain-haze” during an exam and that’s what happened.  It was a long one, it was hard, but I think i faired well.  Biochemistry is so drastically different than organic chemistry.  Give me a periodic table and just teach me how things react and I can ace an organic exam.  Biochemistry to me is more about learning the material at a different level – thoroughly understanding it and then being questioned on it’s application in the real world without being taught how it does that.  It makes your brain work.  I swear I felt the aggravation in my brain as my neurons fired and fired and fired.  I doubt we will see those marks any time soon, probably next thursday is my guess.  I have to miss this Thursday for work, which frightens me. but I will try and get there maybe half way through so that I can at least grasp half the material.

84 days, 14 hours until the first day of school.  oh yeah – and I’m still doing my online course. holllllllllyyyyyyy.  Okay, I’ve dedicated some time to you blog, now I  have to go and work on my online assignment for this course!


PS – yes, I still am going “no poo”.  it’s been going. we will leave it at that 😛


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