Almost there!

I’m happy to say – it’a happening NEXT month!!! September 4th. WOOOOO!!!!

I just quickly wanted to let you all know how my online course is going – and I just ROCKED my midterm with an 84%! I’m very happy to be finished this course August 25. Why so late? This month has been PACKED full of things. I’m actually writing this right now from a lovely city you might know: Ottawa. 🙂 I’m here visiting my future in-laws and enjoying a bit of a break from everything I’ve been doing in Toronto. Tomorrow my sister takes possession of her new place and this weekend is a huge prep weekend. The following weekend will be a move in weekend. And then I have a bit of time to myself to study for this exam! Yikes!

I am really looking forward to being done this online course (physiology). I will be the happiest girl hahaha.

Other than that I hosted a Scentsy party this weekend – a great success. I love meeting new people and sharing my business with them.

Anyhow, I am going to get back to the family here – ill write more about health my next post.

Coming up next:
The calcium paradox
Aromatherapy at home


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