Approved for OSAP!!!



The news came at a great time – finally approved for OSAP funding. PHEW!!!  Now all my money problems are figured out 🙂 I’m so happy.  My dream is becoming my reality.  I just wish my dad could be here to see this all – he always wanted me to reach for the moon, and now I’m doing it!

I had such a fun day today with Matt and his parents – we went to the zoo, got to see some penguins, white lions, polar bears, and my personal favorite: GIRAFFES!!!!!!  😀  It was so hot (and it wasn’t even the hottest day) and it was a lot of walking but it was great.  4 hours of pure awesomeness 😛  We even indulged in a sno-cone…fake dyes and all 😛 too delicious to pass up on such a hot walk! 🙂 We have been truly spoiled the last few weeks…Ottawa with Matt’s family, up to Newton Robinson with mine, Cookstown to my sister’s place – back to Toronto with Matt’s family again.  Honestly – this summer has ROCKED!  I am very eager for september to start but man oh man – August has blown me away with positivity.  What a great way to go out this summer.

Matt and I did a lot of work at my sisters new place (she’s moving to Cookstown).  We had to…and I’m still cringing as I say – errrr type – these words…remove wallpaper.  Can I even say it that easily? no. no i can’t.  We removed the devil that was glued to her walls with sweat, tears, and no air conditioning.  in this heat.   Oh yeah…yeah, you heard it right. NO AIR CONDITIONING.  Did the wallpaper spray work to take it down? Nope.  Did the steamer help?  Nope.  What worked? Disgusting amounts of water in a spray bottle, some scrapers, and elbow grease.  I lost 3 pounds in two and a half days! And if you saw how much food i consumed in that time-frame…you’d be IMPRESSED by that figure!

Well – i’d love to write more but it’s 11:35pm and I’m dying to get to bed 🙂  Goodnight world!

P.S. 24 weeks no shampoo…that’s 168 days wooo!!!! 197 more to go till my one year no ‘poo anniversary 😉


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