First week of med school…

Well, I survived “week one” lol.  I laugh because, well…it wasn’t truly the first week.  We spent Tuesday being introduced and welcomed to the school, warm and inviting, everyone was so incredible – I love CCNM.  I don’t say that lightly!  We had three intro classes on Tuesday as well – the professors here are remarkable.  I found myself captivated with every word they said (could this REALLY be a lecture?!?).  On Wednesday we did have a full day of classes but again, it was mostly introducing us to the course and letting us know what to expect from the year.  The coolest part of the first week?….


Unity summit was beyond amazing.  There are no words that could properly describe how it made me feel.  The doctors that spoke to us while we were there made me feel re-energized, re-inspired, reminded me to think about why I am here, and they shared so many personal stories that I couldn’t help but be moved by their words.  It truly felt like we became a family…with games and challenges that we had to work through together, beautiful serene views, the water and nature…it was the PERFECT setting for us to really let loose and be ourselves (and we really did, especially during the impromptu dance party!!).  We were all sore and exhausted by the end of it but it was great.  At the end of Friday the skies opened up and rained on us and it felt like it was a cleansing rain – one that freed us of any preconceived notions we may have had, any negativity that may have been in our minds, and had us all start with a clean slate.  We have started our journey together and we will all help each other along the way.  We arefamily, and this program will get hard, but after unity summit I really, truly feel like we will all get through this.

I want to write some more but I really should go read for TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

I’ll see if I can write through the week – if not a weekend update should be pretty regular now that I am in a routine 🙂  Tomorrow it’s class from 930-7pm! with a couple little breaks in between. WOOO!!! 😛

I want to leave you all with a quote that is very fitting to this last week: “I am because we are”.  If you’re curious to the meaning give it a quick google – I’ll elaborate a little bit later 🙂


One thought on “First week of med school…

  1. Awesome post Jessica! I couldn’t have explained first week better myself. Can’t wait to partake in this journey with you and the rest of our CCNM family.

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