Nearing the end!


YUM!  It’s nearing exam season again and I have precooked so many meals to fill my freezer with.  Why?  Because there is literally no time to cook during exams.  I have lectures here at CCNM until the Friday before our exams start on Monday. 


“Oh but your last week is a review week!  Don’t fret!”


False. So so so so false!  We have lectures right up until that Friday.  It’s insanity.  But I’m doing it J


I’m currently trying to find a summer job and have had next to no luck finding one which is leading me to believe that I’m meant to slow down and take a break…unfortunately, money is required to live…So I’ll have to figure this out at some point but I’ll take the message and heed SOME sort of a break until I find a job.


Today I was doing some acupuncture on a fellow classmate and my professor really pushed me to trust my instincts.  Is that not what practicing medicine is?  Yes…you learn the ins and outs from a textbook and cadavers and you practice in clinic…but really – sometimes you have to just trust that you’re able to do this.  It’s so important to have confidence in medicine and today I went into class and said to myself: “You can do this, you’ve got this” and I ROCKED my acupuncture points!  I was needling points along the fingers, in between metacarpal bones (wrist bones), and up the arm!  WOWsers!  I didn’t hit a bone or a nerve and my patient felt the therapeutic benefits to my work. 


Doing all this makes me realize that it’s worth it.  The stress, the sleepless nights, the tears, the hard work, the exhaustion…in the end it’s going to be worth it.


Find your niche…do what you love…And when you do things – do them with passion.  You may feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there but the best fruit is at the end of the branch.  Reach for the life you want, you may stumble and you may fall but when it works, my gosh when it works, you’ll see why you pushed through.


So here’s to pushing through!






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