Hello ——- is it me you’re looking for?


It has been an insanely long time since my last post and I’d love to give good reason but honestly, life happened. I had a wonderful summer break, worked a little bit (yes, I ended up finding a job!). I met an amazing gentleman by the name of Bryan who I’ve been dating now for four months. Second year at CCNM has began and it’s already a crazy-town experience.

So will you still follow me? I promise to be posting more this year. Pretty please? I have deeply missed my blogging days and I think this year I will appreciate the outlet more than ever.

Already I have some great experiences here at CCNM but also some not so hot ones. Clinical Medicine is supposed to be one of the most important courses here and they have completely made it a jumble for us!! I’m allll for independent learning but the course really needed to be organized a little bit better than it has been so far. We’re doing physical exams on people before being lectured about what we’re even looking for! Oh and the four hour lectures on wednesdays aren’t lectures at all — they jam our 150-slide powerpoint lectures into our short time-slot Tuesdays. Sigh. I guess we just roll with it for now. BUtttttttt I do have some great news.

I SIGNED MY VERY FIRST PATIENT CHART! Yep. It’s official. My signature is on a file (granted it is shaky and messy it’s there and it counts!). I have been doing clinic rotations on Thursday evenings from 4-8pm and it started on Day 1 as just a shadow. Next shift I chose to do vitals. Then Shift 4 came and I was asked: “What do you feel comfortable doing today?”


racing thoughts.

*wow my palms are sweaty…is that my heart I feel racing?*

“I am completely confident in taking vitals…annnddddd I reeeeally want to chart but I never have before”

There. Now the words are out and I can’t take them back. I went for it. I was interacting with the patient and gathering information like a pro. With some incredible guidance and support from the 4th year intern I did it and felt great about it! We learn to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions all the time here at CCNM — “become comfortable with the unknown” we were told in clin med. Ohhh boy were they ever right – you need to be comfortable with the unknown and you need to throw yourself into situations you’re not completely comfortable with – push your limits – and then become confident in your ability to adapt to the situations. What a growth period already.

Would you believe me if I told you there was way more? I’m going to contain some of my stories so I actually post again somewhat shortly 😛 But I’ll tell you this…it happened during the second acupuncture needling practical and it issssss incredibly awesome and scary all at the same time! 🙂

Until next time my friends,



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