Do I really have time for this?

snooze_buttonProbably not…I had a wonderful “sleep-in” this morning and woke up at 10am instead of 730 like my alarm had intended me to…Yikes!  But I think my body needed the rest, I’ve been so worn down lately with this Lung Wind-Cold invasion…errrrr….common cold that I’m suffering from.  I wanted to let you guys know that midterms start tomorrow… I’ve got botanical medicine first thing tomorrow afternoon, then homeopathy and asian medicine theory on wednesday, then acupuncture and microbiology on thursday and we finish off with clinical medicine on friday morning.  yep.  6 exams…not even a full four days…

So that’s where I’ll be this week – if you’re wondering why I’m not writing posts 🙂

Here’s to hoping I don’t annoy people during the exam with this feeble cough and constant nose dribble. LOL

Things to look forward to in this blog after exams?  Two new recipes and a little talk about free-hand needling! Ow owww!

Cheers my friends!


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