I survived!

Midterm_Mayhem_54693What?  Did you think I wouldn’t? 

Here at CCNM on Tuesday, October 15th, at 2:30pm all the second years sat down in an uncomfortably cramped room with every intention of passing their botanical medicine exam.  Botanical medicine isn’t so easy but it’s a lot of fun!  While the room was stuffy and the sounds of sniffles and sneezes filled the room every 15 seconds – we all got through the exam — some of us with more ease than others but that’s beside the point!  I wrote the exam in about an hour, including my personal style of rechecking the circled answers and comparing it to the Scantron two times over!

Seriously though, those bubble sheets are so inconvenient to fill out!  They’re not quite circles and they’re not quite squares here, they’re a blend…a unique, pesky, necessary blend of “square-circles” that must be filled out to prove you can be not only a Level 4 artist and color within the lines but also a doctor who can answer the questions correctly. 

But there’s no time to pause – the exam was over but exam week wasn’t.  We had 5 more exams ahead of us!  The following day brought homeopathy and asian medicine theory.  So off to get a treat I went (an inappropriate amount of coffee and cream and sugar…) and study some more I did!  There doesn’t ever feel to be enough hours in a day to study the material but you push through.  This study period I decided to study in bouts of an hour and then stretch, an hour and a bit and stretch, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, okayyyy Facebook!  I’ll check you but just once! Yes, some of that fit into my study schedule as well…sue me! 🙂

Before you knew it, it was 2am and time to go to bed to wake up at 630am and study before the first exam at 9am.  And it went, this time in a luxurious *HA* and spacious lecture theatre.  This was nice – I think everyone agreed that we needed the space to spread out and really get into the exam!  And then it was over – what just happened?  Wait…it doesn’t matter – it’s time to study for the next one that’s in a few hours!  And study we did, I indulged in yet another inappropriate amount of coffee and cream and sugar and continued studying, blending some of the next day’s study material into my time to try and alleviate some stress that evening.

Now I knowwww, this is NOT the most interesting of things so I’ll stop there with the studying as each day progressed quite the same.

Oh wait, should I tell them about Thursday night? 

Do you want to hear about Thursday night?  You want to hear this…you do…I don’t want to share but I can’t help but giggle.  Thursday we finished our exam a little bit later into the evening andddd then had about 450 powerpoint slides + hundreds of pages of typed up study notes to review for the Friday’s clinical medicine exam at 11am…so instead of going to get an absurd amount of coffee, my girlfriend *who remains nameless* and I brewed an entire coffee pot, packed up some sucre in a tupperware, packed up the soy milk and headed down to the lecture theatre for an all-night adventure into the beefiest course we’re taking this year!

Went to bed late, woke up early to study some more.  My eyes burned, they refused to open, and I swore that CCNM was out to break us…but guess what?  I went to the exam, popped some ear plugs in and found my happy place and in that place I found the answers to (most of) the questions.

And that was that…the end of exams was here…69 hours and 6 exams later we were done.  We had two days to rest up and do some homework and get to class on Monday morning at 8am.  Seems slightly unfair but hey – we’re pushed to the point of breaking and constantly being tested to our limits …

We are naturopathic doctors in the making. 

It will all be worth it in the end.  That’s it for now my friends!



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